Exciting New Chevy Concepts for SEMA

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Recently, Chevy went public about a series of modified show cars that they are planning to bring to SEMA this year. The most exciting of which being a pair of Camaros. The new Black Accent and Red Accent editions are based on the new sixth-generation 2016 Camaro SS model.

The Black Accent concept is based on a red Camaro SS coupe and features a blacked out aero kit, fuel cover and bowtie badge, as well as satin black stripes and darkened tail lamps. This concept also has dropped suspension, 20 inch wheels, air intake and a red engine cover.

The Red Accent starts out as a Camaro SS Convertible with leather interior, blacked out bowtie badge, dropped suspension, 20 inch alloy wheels, hash-mark fender graphics, custom grille and done up with red and silver trim.

The Accent concepts are being displayed to showcase some of the accessories that Chevy is offering the new Camaro models, and will be presented at SEMA along with modified versions of the Malibu, Sierra, Sparx, Sierra and Trax. 

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Big Ass Fans

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Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Big Ass Fans is a company who designs, engineers and manufactures overhead and directional fans that range in size from 18 inches to 24 feet (45.7cm to 7.4m) in diameter. Unlike typical fans, Big Ass Fans couple energy-efficient motors with patented airfoil designs, inspired by airplane wings, to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently.

At the time of the company’s founding in 1999, their first models were designed to bring comfort and safety to farms and factories, which typically lacked air conditioning. Customers started installing their industrial fans in air-conditioned schools, churches and offices, so they invented a silent motor and offered stunning designs to meet the sound and aesthetic needs of these spaces. In 2012, Big Ass Fans launched Haiku, the reinvention of the home ceiling fan that boasts an award-winning minimalist design and revolutionary energy-efficient motor. Haiku now features SenseME technology, an onboard computer and array of sensors that keeps you comfortable automatically.

Whether it’s a 24-ft. diameter fan engineered for industrial applications, a 52-inch diameter fan for your living room or anything in between, each Big Ass Fan is individually inspected and tested to ensure unmatched quality and performance. A testament to that approach is the company’s research and development lab, the world’s only such facility constructed specifically for testing large-diameter fans. Their ISO-certified manufacturing operations are also based in Lexington, where the company has five offices. Beyond those, Big Ass Fans operates regional offices across the United States and internationally in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

So about that name … their ceiling fans first hit the market in 1999 with the unremarkable brand name “HVLS Fan Company,” a nod to the concept of moving high volumes of air at low speeds. After years of customers referring to the industrial models as big-ass fans, the company adopted the name and their mascot, Fanny the donkey.

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AAMP of America

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AAMP of AmericaDo you know who AAMP of America is? Well you should! For more than 26 years, AAMP of America has been a pioneer in creating and distributing mobile audio & video products, OEM integration solutions, mobile device accessories, as well as installation and fabrication supplies - And we at Will Castro Designs are proud to call them one of our partners!

Back when AAMP of America was founded in 1987, it originally served as a one-stop distributor of car audio installation supplies, but quickly grew into much more. After making several massive strides in the auto industry with the successful launches of new products such as Stinger (the company's own proprietary brand of cable), and being featured in the press, the company started focusing heavily on innovation in technology and breaking into new retail markets. Since 2005, AAMP of America has acquired several other companies, and they have become industry leaders, known for their innovations of new products.

AAMP of America offers a wide range of car audio/video products such as navigation kits, backup camera kits, hands-free calling kits and more, with brands such as:

  • Pheonix Gold
  • PAC Audio
  • Stringer
  • Soundquest
  • Best Kits
  • Isimple Solutions
  • American International
  • Intrafex

Check out AAMP of America on the web at http://www.aampofamerica.com/ and see why they are global leaders in audio & video technology.

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