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Toyota - Once Again the Largest Automaker on the Planet

Posted by Joe Ferrante on

Toyota has regained their title as the world's largest automaker, with 7.49 million deliveries in the last 9 months alone - beating out Volkswagen (with a global volume of 7.43 million deliveries) and General Motors (with 7.15 million vehicles in the first three quarters).

Needless to say, Volkswagen's emissions scandal has undoubtedly cost them sales, however, the EPA's violation notice only came public on September 18th, so this most likely was not a major factor in their loss of the number one ranking. 

The final numbers for 2014 proved Toyota the winner in number of deliveries, totaling 10.23 million vehicles, while Volkswagen was right behind them with 10.14 million. Back then, the booming Chinese market was predicted to give VW the better position in 2015, however after a slump in the auto industry there that lasted several months, Toyota has owned the top spot.

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